Research at Cerina

Learn more about how we’re driving forward research in digital mental health solutions.


Why research matters

Research is at the heart of what we do at Cerina. As a medical device, Cerina adheres to the highest regulatory standards set by MHRA and NICE for the safety, usability, and clinical effectiveness of our innovation. Our team conducts high quality research to ensure that our products are effective, easy to use and relevant to the lived experience of our users.

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Highlights of our research

Randomised Control Trial to test feasibility and effectiveness of Cerina in reducing GAD symptoms

Open clinical trials to test the preliminary effects of Cerina in improving GAD symptoms

Qualitative research to test the usability and safety of our OCD prototype

Literature review synthesising the evidence base on digital CBT-based interventions for treating anxiety disorders

Research partners

Research Studies

Events & highlights

ESRII Conference

IT4 anxiety conference

MHRA round table conference