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Effective, personalised mental health care for your workforce.

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What we offer

We provide a complete low-intensity therapy treatment for those suffering from mild-moderate anxiety symptoms. A regulated, evidence-based, scalable and personalised solution that creates positive change for every individual.

Medical grade clinical screening tools

AI-powered chatbot to help triage and signpost

Customisable self-care content that fits your needs

Bespoke workshops

Thought leader led podcasts and articles

Termly mental health reporting & engagement analytics

24/7 access to the app with tech support

Yearwide awareness campaigns

Monthly content updates; e-mails, posters, stickers

Monthly online and in-person mental health awareness check-ins

Self-guided therapeutic sessions to empower and support your team

Easy to use

Why you should invest in Cerina for your team

Why employee mental health matters?

Improve productivity and save money

A happy and healthy workforce is good for business. By not adopting a proactive mental health approach, your company risks losing a substantial £165,200 per year for every 100 employees.

Risk losing

£ 165,200

per year

For every



EAP services are poorly utilised

Only 5% Employee Assistance Programs are actually utilised, despite 51% of work-related ill health cases being attributed to stress, depression, or anxiety. One-size-fits-all solutions like EAP services are ineffective in helping the 46% of people who are not getting help.


EAPs utilised


work-related mental health
case reported


Not getting help

Prevent burnout

One in five UK workers reported feeling unable to manage stress and pressure in the workplace. A proactive approach will prevent burnout, reduce absenteeism and help you build a happy, healthy team.

1 in 5

workers reported feeling unable to manage stress in workplace

"We conducted a comprehensive pilot of the (Better Minds) app within our CHIME Recovery Programmes across three distinct locations in the county: Norwich, Aylsham, and Thetford, spanning a duration of two months. Throughout this pilot initiative, we observed a notable increase in client engagement, progression in recovery milestones, and programme retention facilitated by the implementation of the app. Our service users exhibited commendable levels of interaction and participation with the platform, Feedback received from users was overwhelmingly positive, emphasising the app's effectiveness and value in augmenting their recovery journey. This favourable reception was further corroborated by our DIALOG scores, our standardised system for monitoring progress, which demonstrated a marked improvement across all three locations compared to previous periods devoid of app integration."

- Lawrence Thrussell
CHIME Recovery Programme Manager

How are we different?

Our products are developed by leading experts in psychology to provide the best mental health support. We combine this with cutting-edge technology to give you top-quality support throughout your journey.

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  • Personalised medical-grade therapy

    We offer certified, clinically-backed treatment, tailored to your needs.

  • Disorder specific care

    Our therapy can already treat people with GAD and OCD, with more diagnostic categories to come.

  • Mental health screening and signposting

    We used evidence-based screening measures to identify the severity of symptoms.

Effective mental health support for your organisation

Help your community thrive with evidence-based mental health care. We offer bespoke solutions for Businesses and Universities.

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Our mission at Cerina is to combine psychological expertise and cutting-edge technology to bring effective and affordable digital mental health support to all who need it.